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Summer Learning Ideas from the Lesley Ellis School

Little lending library box outside of formal libraryThe Lesley Ellis School recommends a number of activities to keep their students engaged in learning during the summer months. Here are some grade-appropriate ideas that you can “borrow” to extend your student’s learning.


But first a quick caveat from Deanne Benson, LES head of school: While recommended, all assignments are optional because everyone’s summer plans are different and everyone’s family views on summer work vary. The goal is to avoid spending weeks in review, but to have well-rested, happy and confident students, ready to move forward with new content in September!


LES Summer Learning Recommendations

Incoming Grade 1 and 2 students get a bingo board with different reading activities to choose from over the summer and a page with math game suggestions. Incoming Grade 3 and 4 students get the choice of an assigned chapter book and a packet of math activities reviewing concepts from the year. 


For summer reading, middle school students are asked to select one to two books from two to three specific options and answer questions about that book in a paragraph response – in the way they have practiced in English class. In addition, they are asked to read at least two to three more books of choice with no accompanying questions. 


The summer math packet going home with fifth graders covers skills that they have been learning throughout the year. These range from prime factorization, using exponents, all operations with fractions, geometry skills and multiplying and dividing decimals. The packet includes not only problems but vocabulary terms the students need to define in order to have a better understanding of the concepts and keep up their “math terminology” over the summer. By completing this packet the students will keep their math skills sharp over the summer and be ready to hit the ground running in 6th grade!


Math students in Grades 6-8 receive assignments on the online math platform MangaHigh. Two 30-minute assignments per week keep students’ basic skills fresh and provide extra practice to shore up weak spots and build proficiency and automaticity.


There is still plenty of time to try these ideas to make sure your student is ready and eager to begin the 2023-24 school year while you both have fun.