Schools for Children meets the unique learning needs of students through its schools and programs that value and respect each individual and implement effective approaches for them to learn, grow and achieve.


Core Values

Schools for Children collectively and within each of its programs and schools adheres to the following shared values:


Achievement: The expectation that students achieve academic success, expand intellectual curiosity, realize social and emotional gains, and increase self-confidence.


Collaboration: The belief that collaboration, which includes and values the perspective of all, creates the highest quality educational opportunity for each student.


Creativity: The commitment to incorporate innovative and effective approaches into its work while creating a sense of joy and discovery to ensure individual student achievement and engagement to realize personal potential.


Respect: The promise to educate students in schools and programs where the differences, points of view, and contributions of all are valued, encouraged and nurtured.


Tenacity: The pledge to sustain a community with the expertise, passion, integrity, and drive to ensure each student’s personal success.


Free Webinar Series on Transition

Schools for Children presents Conversations on Transition, a free webinar series
for students with learning differences and social-emotional challenges