Who We Are

At Schools for Children, we believe that:


When it comes to creating educational settings that are responsive to our students’ needs, thorough and dramatic change is in order. This is why we talk about “transformation.” It’s the difference between a fashion designer who transforms clothing and a tailor who alters it. 


Student-focused education is transformational. This is why we talk about “transforming learning,” as opposed to “transforming teaching.” It matters little if one transforms teaching unless it has a powerful impact on learning. 


Quality education focuses on the whole child. This is why we so value the term, “transforming lives,” which encompasses more than schooling. Dramatic changes in learning cause dramatic changes in feelings of competence, confidence, and general well-being. 


By transforming learning, our school programs transform the lives of our students. For many of these students, altering their education around the edges was not enough. However, when offered a dramatic change, it stirred learning and growth in compelling and often unexpected ways.


Each of the five schools currently under the Schools for Children umbrella represents an effort to transform learning by offering programs that constitute the right fit for its unique set of students. They all have rich histories, sparked by innovation.