Different Choices

For Students with IEPs, 504s and Mental Health Conditions


Why Create Different Choices?

More than 19 percent of graduating high school students in the United States have a learning disability or difference and require support or accommodations (Pew Center). In addition, almost one in five students aged 6-17 has sought treatment for anxiety, depression or other mood or mental health disorders that interfere with learning and school performance (NAMI). More often than not, learning and mental health disorders occur together. 


Schools for Children developed Different Choices 2021 and 2022 to support the transition to what comes next for students with IEPs, 504s and mental health conditions. We provide resources for current students, recent graduates and other young people from 15-20 years old. We also offer support to families, educators and mental health professionals who are instrumental in helping students create their path to a fulfilling transition.


Whether considering a job, higher education, a certificate program, an apprenticeship or gap year experience, Different Choices participants tell us they benefit from opportunities to connect with local and national experts.


Past Events

In fall 2022, we held a college and career showcase for students and recent grads with learning disabilities and mental health conditions. The day also included presentations with national transition experts, how-to workshops like college essay writing, and information on academic, financial and training resources. Currently, we are exploring additional ways to support transition.


Consider Becoming a Sponsor

Help students with challenges plan for a successful future. When you support Different Choices, you are ensuring the continuation of this very special, much-needed service to an often overlooked population of young people. Contact Denise Moorehead for more information on how you can become a sponsor and show your support to the Different Choices and Schools for Children audiences.