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Helping Students with LD Prepare for College, Work and More

Creating a Successful Path Forward for Students with Learning and Other Challenges and Their Families

Students in caps and gowns graduating from high school

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fall/winter free three-part series on transition for high school students with learning differences and other social-emotional challenges. We have compiled information and materials on transition from the series and provide below. 



Series Overview

Students who have overcome learning differences and other social-emotional challenges look to their upcoming high school graduation with excitement and a well-earned sense of achievement. As with all graduates, they may find the excitement mixed with a bit of apprehension about life after high school.


But there are resources available – even in the midst of this pandemic – for students with learning disabilities and social-emotional challenges that are ready to make the transition to college, postsecondary training, work or other exciting alternatives. And despite the many changes experienced by students due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the timelines for making decisions, applying for college or training, or getting job ready haven’t changed.


That’s why Schools for Children hosted multiple evenings with panels of local and national transition experts to support families with students who are ready to take the next step beyond high school. 


Sessions Included

Session 1: Who Will I Become?

An overview of choices, resources and support for college, gap years, apprenticeships and school-to-work options.


Session 2: College Bound with Challenges

Insights about how to find the best college to meet students’ needs, tips on the application process and to be successful student.


Session Three: Learning and Doing
When College Isn’t Your First Next Step

A comprehensive look at apprenticeships, gap year opportunities and employment preparation.