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Building Our School Together

One of the best parts of working in a school is the conversations we get to have with students of all ages. Sometimes we are part of the conversation and sometimes we overhear a conversation … like this one before the break in a first and second grade reading group:


A: What person got this building? Like, who buyed it? I think probably Andy.

B: Yeah or Deanne. I think Deanne bought it. Or Andy. 

A: I said Andy but I just forgot the name Deanne.

B: Or maybe all the teachers together bought it?

A: Yeah. I think maybe that. Like they all put in their money. 


This got me thinking … how many of you wonder the same thing? Those first and second graders actually weren’t too far off. We’re in our new home because of all of you. Our families are coming together and making this dream a reality. First many families contributed money and resources so we could launch our remodel and develop plans for our new location.


Then the next wave of families came in just so we could make the move. Next we borrowed money from Schools for Children so we could get everything we needed done in time, and now the third wave of parents is coming in and finishing this campaign so we can expand programming and indeed make this our forever home.


Phase one of this campaign will wrap up this year, and we need everyone’s support. If you haven’t gotten a call from Ellen Stimson or me yet you will. (Ellen has been working with us throughout this campaign. Most of you know her and the rest of you soon will.) If you haven’t gotten our call yet, please know that you will very soon. 


Securing the future of Lesley Ellis is the most important work we will do together. And we are the only ones who can do it. So, when we do reach out please make time to meet us for coffee to talk about all we have already done and what’s coming next at Lesley Ellis. Despite the comments of our first and second graders, Andy and I, or even all of the teachers together, cannot actually do it alone! It really will take a village.


* This piece first appeared as a blog post in Deanne’s Notebook, a feature on the school’s website.


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