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A review by Northwestern University researchers pulls together converging research from scientific literature linking musical training to learning that spills over to skills including language, speech, memory, attention and even vocal emotion.

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University of Tennessee researchers completed a three-year study that showed a significantly higher level of reading achievement in students who had received books for summer reading at home. 

According to the research, access to reading materials is a critical factor in the summer reading "slide" and the primary contributor to a reading achievement gap.

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Parents should focus on the positive things they can do to help their children get along, as making an end to conflict the primary focus is a mistake, reports  Laurie Kramer, a University of Illinois professor of applied family studies and co-editor of a special section of Child Development Perspectives.

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A a recent study suggests that unhealthy family relationships can lead to a host of specific difficulties for children during their early years of school. 

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The Wall Street Journal today offers advice on recognizing depression in teens—and what to do, if your teen is depressed.