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Caring for Caregivers

By Paul Stein, Schools for Children Executive Director


The winter holidays bring images of celebration, gatherings of families and friends, and generous gift-giving.  Parents and other caregivers carefully choose toys or clothing or gadgets that bring joy to their children’s faces. 


Some of the most precious gifts, however, are those that caregivers receive from their children – the card with your six-year-old’s playful drawing of you or your home, the eight-year-old’s craft project made with just you in mind, the teenager’s loving note carefully crafted. These are all cherished memories in the making, ones that capture how important to them you truly are. 


The expressed sentiments feel all the more special because in the business of daily life, they are so rarely articulated. We at Schools for Children so highly value and admire the parents and other caregivers with whom we come in contact. Thank you for your partnership. We hope you know how deeply you are appreciated. 


2014 Fathers Day by pentecostalsofoc 


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