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Love Local: Support Our Local Restaurants

Executive Director Paul Stein

By Paul Stein
Executive Director


With both Dearborn Academy and Dearborn STEP assessment in Newton, we are part of the Charles River Chamber of Commerce. As a member, we are part of a vibrant community of businesses and nonprofits. We and other nonprofits have been able to call upon our local restaurants to support our events and/or campaigns over the years. They have been there for us through the good times – and not so good times. 

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The pandemic has made the last couple of years difficult for our local restaurants. Some have closed permanently, and others have shortened their hours and laid off staff. Our restaurants need our communities′ support. We are joining with other Chamber nonprofits to thank our local eateries for being there for us.


We ask you to join us in supporting local restaurants now and in the coming months through the Chamber’s Love Local campaign.


Eat in, order to go, try a new dish, treat a friend, tip well, and return often, if you can. 


Paul Stein 

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Executive Director