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A School Year Like No Other

Returning to School for 2020-2021

Executive Director Paul Stein


By Executive Director Paul Stein


We will soon welcome students back to school. It will be a year like no other, with plans to include both remote and in-person learning. Welcome is not just a greeting. It’s more than a “hello.”


First, it conveys a message of belonging. We want students to know, deep down, that they are full citizens of their school community.


It conveys excitement. We want students to know that staff members are genuinely excited to have them join that community. We want caregivers to know that they are equally welcomed.


It conveys responsibility. We want students to know that, in order to truly welcome them, staff feel responsible for their growth and safety. Students, too, are responsible for taking advantage of all there is to learn and participate in.


Welcoming students amidst this pandemic really tests our ability to welcome students in the way they deserve. The educational landscape is so different. Staff members have been embracing this challenge. This year’s opening will reflect their extraordinary efforts to make school safe and engaging, whether the setting is in school or online. This newsletter describes some of those efforts.


So as fall approaches, we extend a heartfelt welcome – in the full sense of that greeting – to all our students and families. We’re so glad you’re among us. It’s what brings us joy, especially in times like these.