Where We Stand

Student at metal shop
Dearborn Academy offers metal and wood shop programs. photo by richard howard.

Schools for Children, Inc. has the goal of ensuring that every student in Massachusetts has the opportunity for a high-quality education — no matter who they are or how they learn. Every student deserves a chance to learn and to be encouraged and supported by caring adults. Every student deserves the opportunity to work toward ambitious educational goals.

High-Quality Education Isn't One-Size-Fits-All

From creating a special classroom at Lesley Ellis School for kids just a little too young for kindergarten to designing an experienced-based education approach at Seaport Academy to the intensive one-on-one therapy and language programs at Dearborn Academy, we see repeatedly that the best education respects children as individuals and acknowledges their needs, strengths, goals and interests, as well as the different ways in which they develop and learn.

Every Child Is an Individual

The state of Massachusetts is fortunate to have so many good schools and systems, but even here, we have too many students who are not challenged or supported by their schools. We have too many students who don’t "fit"  for any number of reasons. And we have too many students who have learning issues that are not appropriately addressed.

We want to change the focus. Let's talk about students as individuals. Let's create schools that have room for individual abilities and passions and dreams to emerge. Let's create schools where students are respected for who they are and what they can do—and see how far they will go. Let's support kids who need a little extra help in reaching their goals.

Our job at Schools for Children is to do what we can to fill the gaps in educational services, to provide powerful and persuasive role models for others of the kind of attentive education we know works, and to help schools become the great schools they need to be.

Please join us in our mission!