Summer Drawing Challenge

A Summer of Fun and Learning



July 1-August  31, 2020


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The current pandemic has created challenging and isolating times for all of us – young and old, students and families, teachers and administrators. Some aspects like keeping your distance from friends and loved ones, have been frustrating, distracting, and even a little scary for many of us. But we are all in this together. We will find new ways to support each other, share ideas and grow. One way we can do that is through art.


We encourage you to spend a little time each day this summer becoming a better artist, an observer and a thinker. Everyone can draw. It’s not expensive. It’s not difficult, and it is a powerful way to express your ideas and feelings. Drawing gives you superpowers of observation and calms your mind and body.


So spend the summer drawing with us, and you’ll have a portfolio of as many as 75 drawings by the fall – and a powerful, inspiring record of how you gained a new set of skills. All ages and abilities are welcome to join us on this adventure!


We’ll share a prompt each day to inspire you. You can make the prompt the star of your drawing or a detail of your drawing. We encourage you to work from real items and objects around you as much as possible, but you can also draw from photographs or from TV. Try different tools and techniques, if you like, or do all your drawings the same way – on index cards, for example. 


Share your drawings with us!

Take a photo and share on Facebook, or tag them on Instagram at #sfcdrawingchallenge or email them to us at so we can share them for you. We’re excited to see what you can accomplish, and sharing helps us all look at the world around us in new ways. We hope you will be brave enough to share your work. It can be intimidating – but we are all learning here.


And as a thank you for sharing, participants will be randomly selected from all drawing contributions for occasional gifts and prizes. Thank you!


Don’t worry if you miss a day. You can always come back and draw anew.

The goal is to take time for yourself, practice your skills, and experience the ways in which drawing can quiet your mind and give you focus. We start on July 1 and end just before Labor Day. Be sure to sign up to receive the prompts by email, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see the prompts.


75 drawings in 75 days. You can do it! Join us!


Tips for Drawing


  1. Try to draw at the same time each day. This will help you create a habit of mediation. It’s a great way to start your day! We post each prompt at 9:00 am (EST).
  2. Explore different places and positions for drawing. Try sitting and standing or lying on the floor. 
  3. Keep all your drawings in order. You can use a bound notebook or sketchbook to help you. Or use single sheets of paper, scrap paper or recycled  paper. Put a date on the back of the drawing. You can tape them on a wall or store them in a box. You will want to look back at your progress. 



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We’ll send you a prompt each day for inspiration! Everyone is welcome! Prizes will be awarded randomly. Share your drawings with us with the hashtag #sfcdrawingchallenge, or email us at or share on Facebook and Instagram.