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April Conference Offers Fresh Perspectives On Student-Centered Learning

The National Institute for Student-Centered Education (NISCE) will host INSPIRE 2013: The First NISCE Conference on Student-Centered Education in Boston, MA on Friday, April 5, 2013 at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport. This is a one-day conference of lectures, workshops and presentations designed to bring together the latest thinking on the challenges and benefits of student-centered education.

Ted Wilson :::

Over the weekend, we have all struggled to come to grips with the senseless tragedy which occurred in Connecticut last Friday morning. Around the country, school leaders have responded by reaching out to their own communities. They are talking, hugging, crying and seeking comfort in each other. Dr.

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Schools for Children is proud to announce the launch of the National Institute for Student-Centered Education (NISCE). NISCE is interested in promoting a broad national dialogue on the importance of committing to more ‘student-centered educational’ practices in what is an increasingly ‘standards-based’ world. We will partner with educators, parents, administrators and students who are interested in actively supporting practices that encourage and support each student to realize his/her best personal qualities as a member of a school community.