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The Tale of Two Schools
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The Crosby Building home of Dearborn Academy. 1983 - present.

Schools for Children has a vital interest in the results of the upcoming Town Meeting discussions to decide the future of two of its old school buildings - Parmenter and Crosby. Town meeting members will be voting  whether long term leases or the sale of the properties will best support the rebuilding of the Thompson School and meet the overall future needs of the town. This decision will directly impact the future of our Arlington-based not-for-profit organization.

Dearborn Academy, one of our two schools leasing town owned property in Arlington, has occupied the Crosby School Building for 27 years. Dearborn Academy serves over 100 public school children with emotional and learning disabilities. These students come from over 40 communities, including Arlington, and thrive in the stable and quiet neighborhood setting of the Crosby School. Over the years, staff and students have developed long-time positive relationships with the neighbors and town.

Ideally, Schools for Children would like to purchase the Crosby School, continue to use it as a school and maintain its open space for both student and neighborhood use. Owning the building would motivate us to invest in needed capital improvements while also paying the cost of ordinary repairs and maintenance.

We believe that this would be a win-win-win solution that meets the neighborhood’s desire for continuity, the town’s financial needs for the Thompson School project and our needs for stability at a reasonable cost.

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