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Spring Cleaning
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By Lynne Jacoby

Sam, Patrick and Patrick from Cbeyond plant flowers at the Lesley Ellis School. 

Schools for Children's Arlington-based programs - Lesley Ellis School, Dearborn Academy, and STEP -  got a spring clean-up thanks to the staff of Cbeyond.
Flowers were planted, bushes mulched, and gardens weeded at the Crosby School building where Dearborn Academy is housed. The Lesley Ellis School’s playground, located at the Gibbs building on Foster Street, got a make over, and the STEP Program at 20 Academy had some help clearing and cleaning the lunch room. Forty plus volunteers worked most of the day with shovels, trowels, rags and brooms.
Dr. Ted Wilson, President of Schools for Children, addressed the volunteers when they gathered to begin their work, highlighting the importance of the partnership that was evolving between the two organizations. He thanked them for taking on tasks that are hard for our schools to complete when every minute is focused on providing great learning experiences for students.
“The volunteers were very well organized,” said Jeanette Keller, Auxiliary Programs Coordinator of Lesley Ellis School, “and seemed to genuinely enjoy the work and working with each other.” Jeanette noted the school’s students also enjoyed “watching the hustle and bustle of volunteers take down their fence, re-groom their yard, and put the fence back up again, barely breaking a sweat.”

The volunteers’ time and materials were sponsored by Cbeyond, a small business phone service and IT solutions company located in Burlington that has a culture and a commitment to giving back to the communities where they work. "Everyone raved about how much fun they had and how they enjoyed helping out your organization," stated Shana Reed, Marketing and Communications Director at Cbeyond.