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Schools for Children Gets Vote of Support
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Arlington Town Meeting members on Monday authorized the Board of Selectmen to take steps to dispose of the Crosby School by lease or sale. The school, located at 34 Winter Street, Arlington, has been occupied by Dearborn Academy a program of Schools for Children (SFC) since 1983.

The somewhat controversial article, Article 39, passed by the necessary two-thirds majority, 125-44, after just over an hour of debate.

Ted Wilson, executive director and president of Schools for Children, has stated that SFC would be prepared to make an offer to purchase the building should the article pass and the Board decide to offer it for sale.  For Schools for Children, finding permanent facilities for both of our Arlington-based schools, Dearborn Academy and Lesley Ellis School, is a key part of our overall long term plan.

Proponents of the article said it would help the current tenant, Dearborn Academy, stay in the space. Neighborhood supporters appreciated the inclusion of a restrictions requiring that the building be used for educational purposes and that the public playground be preserved for that purpose.