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NISCE and SFC to Host Documentary Film Series on Education
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Film Series To Explore  K-12 Education Models And Their Impact On  Learning
ARLINGTON, MA, August 14, 2013—The National Institute for Student-Centered Education (NISCE) along with Schools for Children, Inc. (SFC) will host a Film Series on Education throughout the 2013-2014 Academic Year.  The films have been chosen to provoke discussion and generate thinking about current models of K-12 education. NISCE’s goal is to engage the broader community in discussion on the current standardization and learning models found in most schools, and how we can bring about positive change to where children are at the center of learning, giving them the opportunities and resources they need to succeed.
“We have had great success in hosting documentary films on education in the past, and decided to expand our offerings this academic year.  We are really excited about our film line up and our post-film facilitators who are partnering with us,” states Alyssa Kierkegaard, NISCE Program Director.
The critically acclaimed documentaries will be shown at a variety of local venues and will be followed with an audience discussion. NISCE is partnering with several outstanding professionals and organizations to lead the exploration of messages reflected in each film.  These films are sure to inspire students, teachers and educators to view our school environments in new ways. A common element across the films is the notion that the variability reflected in each individual student needs to be understood and valued if we are to create fulfilling and meaningful educational experiences for all of our children.
“Our experience hosting films like “Bully” and “Race to Nowhere” has convinced us of the value of bringing people together to share a particular experience and have time to talk about it while the messages are fresh,”  commented Ted Wilson, Executive President of NISCE.


The film series will run from September 2013 thru May 2014, and will feature the following films:

August to June
September 2013

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American Promise
October 2013



Who Cares About Kelsey?
January 2014


Brooklyn Castle 
March 2014



Tickets will be made available online at the end of August.  Specific details about each film, dates and times can be found on the NISCE web site. To get up-to-date information and registration information, please be sure to sign up for our electronic newsletter.