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Dearborn Graduates
mtringali ::: Dearborn Academy

front row, left to right: Mariah Williams, Jessica Pattelena, Robin Gentili, Sarah Hosein Second row: Jon Thain, Shawn Aldrich
Last row, left to right: Casey Shaughnessy, Francisco Ramirez, Alex Haynes, Jason Turner, Edwin Tan  Photo Credit: Connie Ridge

On June 9, 2010 Dearborn Academy graduated eleven students. These students were honored for their courageous journeys and celebrated for the steps they are about to take. Family members, faculty and friends cheered students who had each overcome signficant challenges and obstacles to reach this personal milestone.

Howard Rossman, director of Dearborn Academy states, "Dearborn graduates have already overcome larger challenges than many of their fellow seniors have yet to face. In the process, they have learned adult skills like perseverance and hard work. They already know that there is no such thing as perfect, but have striven for excellence anyway. They’ve shown up even when they didn’t want to, have learned to accept support and to give it. They have already exhibited extraordinary courage in facing their limitations, and in learning how to succeed in spite of them."

At the end of the emotional ceremony, Jessica, a Dearborn graduate, remarked on her journey. She had realized her dream of returning to her "sending school" for graduation exercises, but in the end realized Dearborn Academy was her home (read her speech).