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"Bully" Discussion to Follow Successful Screening
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On Friday, April 13, 2012, Schools for Children along with their new initiative National Institute for Student-Centered Education (NISCE), hosted a special screening of Bully for the Greater Boston area to over 200 attendees.  Following the event, lecturer and author, Richard Weissbourd provided commentary and fielded questions from the audience. The documentary, which follows five students who are bullied over the course of one year, seeks to expose the tragic effects of bullying. By giving intimate glimpses into school buses, classrooms, cafeterias, and principals' offices, viewers are offered insights into the often-cruel world of children.

Following in the footsteps of the film’s - STOP BULLYING. SPEAK UP - call to action, NISCE looks to catalyze audiences of teachers, students, administrators and parents to join together in the ongoing struggle to find effective answers. And on Wednesday, April 25 at Dearborn Academy in Arlington, MA will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Fostering Empathy and Action. Participants will discuss the hard questions:  How can we develop just and caring communities for all children? What are some of the challenges we face in our efforts to learn the truth about instances of bullying and ensure safety and fairness for all students? What steps can be taken to stand up to bullying or address it as a parent? How can we talk about bullying and advocate for change?

In hosting this discussion, NISCE hopes to highlight solutions that can be used immediately and that can lead to broader, systemic change.