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The Wall Street Journal today offers advice on recognizing depression in teens—and what to do, if your teen is depressed.

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Around the country and throughout the world, politicians and education activists have sought to eliminate the "digital divide" by guaranteeing universal access to home computers, and in some cases to high-speed Internet service.

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front row, left to right: Mariah Williams, Jessica Pattelena, Robin Gentili, Sarah Hosein Second row: Jon Thain, Shawn Aldrich
Last row, left to right: Casey Shaughnessy, Francisco Ramirez, Alex Haynes, Jason Turner, Edwin Tan  Photo Credit: Connie Ridge

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A recent study of 400,000 Scottish school children born between 37 and 39 weeks showed that they were 1.16 times more likely to have some special education needs as babies born at 40 weeks (full gestation).