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mtringali ::: Lesley Ellis School, Interview

Lesley Ellis SchoolLesley Ellis School's low student-teacher ratio is a key factor in its success. Photo by Richard Howard.

Lesley Ellis School recently unveiled a new strategic plan to its parent community. We asked the School's advisory board chair, Susan Santos, a few questions about the school's ambitions.

mari ::: News & Events

Schools for Children's Executive Director Ted Wilson and Dearborn Academy Director Howard Rossman offer a letter to the editor, published in The Arlington Advocate. Click here to read it.




mari ::: News & Events, Research

Fact: children now receive 26 inoculations for 14 different diseases by age 6.

Beginning April 27th, PBS's Frontline explores the controversy surrounding childhood vaccines and autism and ADHD in "The Vaccine War."

mari ::: STEP, Interview

"STEP is unique—it’s a program that can reach kids at an important moment in their lives and really make a difference."

Mary Howard recently joined Schools for Children as the Director of our Short-Term Emergency Placement Program (STEP). STEP offers a 45-day assessment and stabilization program for students in crisis and is one of the few programs of its kind in the region. We asked her to share her thoughts about the program.

mari ::: News & Events

photo by Dan Zen

Earlier this month, Tennesee mother Torry Ann Hansen put her adopted seven-year-old son Justin Hansen (Artyom Savelyev), on a plane to Russia. The adoptive mother and the boy's adoptive grandmother Nancy described the boy as psychologically damaged and said they could no longer care for him.