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mtringali ::: News & Events, Lesley Ellis School, Dearborn Academy, STEP

By Lynne Jacoby

Sam, Patrick and Patrick from Cbeyond plant flowers at the Lesley Ellis School. 

mtringali ::: News & Events, STEP

Photo by Michael Cardus

The Dearborn STEP Program was recently awarded a  $700.00 grant from the Target Field Trip Grant Program.  

mari ::: STEP, Interview

"STEP is unique—it’s a program that can reach kids at an important moment in their lives and really make a difference."

Mary Howard recently joined Schools for Children as the Director of our Short-Term Emergency Placement Program (STEP). STEP offers a 45-day assessment and stabilization program for students in crisis and is one of the few programs of its kind in the region. We asked her to share her thoughts about the program.