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April Conference Offers Fresh Perspectives On Student-Centered Learning

The National Institute for Student-Centered Education (NISCE) will host INSPIRE 2013: The First NISCE Conference on Student-Centered Education in Boston, MA on Friday, April 5, 2013 at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport. This is a one-day conference of lectures, workshops and presentations designed to bring together the latest thinking on the challenges and benefits of student-centered education.

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Schools for Children is proud to announce the launch of the National Institute for Student-Centered Education (NISCE). NISCE is interested in promoting a broad national dialogue on the importance of committing to more ‘student-centered educational’ practices in what is an increasingly ‘standards-based’ world. We will partner with educators, parents, administrators and students who are interested in actively supporting practices that encourage and support each student to realize his/her best personal qualities as a member of a school community.