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mtringali ::: News & Events, Dearborn Academy

The Crosby Building home of Dearborn Academy. 1983 - present.

mtringali ::: News & Events, Dearborn Academy

Howard Rossman,  PhD, Director of Dearborn Academy to speak at the Federation for Children with Special Needs conference Visions of Community 2011 

Dr. Rossman will be on a panel entitled Strategies for Transforming Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges.  He will share the stage with Jerry Sapan, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of the Elan School, and Mike Bassichis, Executive Director of The Gifford School.

mtringali ::: Dearborn Academy

On November 24, Dearborn Academy hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for all of the school’s students, a Dearborn Academy tradition that can be traced back to the beginning of the school's program.

The annual Thanksgiving meal reflects the school's emphasis on giving and sharing, provides the students with the opportunity to share a meal with staff and classmates, and helps the entire school community reflect on what we are thankful for this season.

mtringali ::: Dearborn Academy

front row, left to right: Mariah Williams, Jessica Pattelena, Robin Gentili, Sarah Hosein Second row: Jon Thain, Shawn Aldrich
Last row, left to right: Casey Shaughnessy, Francisco Ramirez, Alex Haynes, Jason Turner, Edwin Tan  Photo Credit: Connie Ridge