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Red-Shirting, Summer Babies and ADHD

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Lesley Ellis School Transitional KindergartenLesley Ellis School's Transitional Kindergarten focuses on the development needs of young children who may not be quite ready for today's more academically focused kindergarten programs.

Recent headlines warn that millions of children may be misdiagnosed as having ADHD because they happen to be young relative to their classroom peers.

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Lesley Ellis School Students Win Poetry Contest

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Lesley Ellis students Catherine Capeci and Hayley Kwoun, both of Winchester, won prizes in the Harvard Coop’s Annual K through 8 Poetry Contest. Catherine, a third grader, won first place for her poems “Pen” and “Pencil,” and Hayley, a second-grader, tied for third place with her series of poems called “Small Injuries.” Each student has her poetry on exhibit at the Coop.

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Interview: Susan Santos on Lesley Ellis School's New Strategic Plan

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Lesley Ellis SchoolLesley Ellis School's low student-teacher ratio is a key factor in its success. Photo by Richard Howard.

Lesley Ellis School recently unveiled a new strategic plan to its parent community. We asked the School's advisory board chair, Susan Santos, a few questions about the school's ambitions.


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