What We Do

Seaport Academy's Program includes a wood Shop and A Bike repair program. photo by richard howard

Schools for Children, Inc. creates and manages great schools and educational services. We're also consultants to schools, districts and educators seeking to enhance their programs and partner with other agencies in developing and piloting new initiatives that serve the diverse educational needs of children.

  • schools and programs

    We currently operate three schools, a before- and after-care program, a professional development initiative and a special assessment program... more

  • Services for schools, educators and families

    Schools for Children works closely with public school systems, service agencies, researchers, and independent schools to solve problems and enhance the quality of education... more

  • Success Stories

    Problems. Solutions. A selection of success stories and cases studies that show how we think about chronic educational challenges and keep kids from falling through the cracks... more

  • Schools for Children in the Community

    We believe in being a good neighbor. Read about the ways in which Schools for Children and our schools contribute to their communities... more