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Future home for Dearborn Academy in summer 2017.
Currently CATS Academy occupies the facility

Future home for Lesley Ellis School in summer 2017.
Currently Dearborn Academy occupies the facility.

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"Schools for Children has long been interested in providing facilities for all our programs that can support their missions, make room for growth, and serve their communities well,” said Schools for Children Executive Director Ted Wilson. “We also believe that school buildings can inspire the richer learning and teaching of our students."

Interior Photos of the new Dearborn Academy school



Why is Schools for Children relocating two of its schools?

Although these moves were precipitated by the recent events in the Town of Arlington, the moves are in line with Schools for Children's efforts to provide long-term stability of its schools.

Schools for Children plans to move Dearborn Academy, a special education therapeutic day school, from its Arlington facility to a new location at 575 Washington Street in Newton. The Lesley Ellis School, an independent preschool through grade 8 school, will move from its location in Arlington's Gibbs Building to Dearborn Academy's vacated facility at 34 Winter Street in Arlington.

We concluded that we could make major gains for both schools by taking advantage of an incredible property that just came on the market. This will allows Schools for Children to move Dearborn to a very desirable location while ensuring that Lesley Ellis remains in Arlington to continue serving students in Arlington and surrounding towns.

How did you settle on the Newton facility for Dearborn Academy?

The facility in Newton offers several benefits to Dearborn Academy, including: almost 50 percent more program space than Dearborn's current home, well-lighted classrooms, large halls and common areas, a full-size modern gym, centralized heat and cooling system, plenty of off-street parking and ample room to expand upon the range of specialized services required by Dearborn's students. In addition to the stability of an unusually long-term lease, the building is close to major transportation routes and primary referral sources and is almost a turnkey situation given the major improvements completed in the past three.

Will there be any program changes because the move?

In their new, larger locations both schools will be better positioned to expand their program offerings and will be able to serve students, teachers and parents better.

What is the timeline for all of this?

We anticipate having both schools in their new homes for the 2017-18 schools year.

How will this affect the school's summer programs?

Each school's summer programs would remain in the same location this year (summer 2016), but in the summer of 2017, Dearborn would hold its summer program in the new Newton School. The Lesley Ellis summer program in 2017 will operate out of another space in Arlington.

How can I support this move?

Both Lesley Ellis and Dearborn will reach out to their communities of families and friends for support during this period. We'll have opportunities to learn about the move, visit the new spaces, and brainstorm ways to make this shift a positive one for our children. Schools for Children greatly appreciates the support of friends and families as we undertake these major relocations. If you would like to make a gift to Schools for Children, Lesley Ellis, and/or Dearborn, please email or call us, especially if you would like your gift to honor an individual who has inspired you. Schools for Children is a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all gifts to Schools for Children, or any of its programs, are tax deductible. You can also make a gift online. Thank you for your support!


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